Kidz / Youth

We not only offer training for grown-ups, but also for kids and young people (girls*, inter*, trans* and non-binary only). No trainings for kidz and youth in school holidays. Instead, there are sometimes workshops for kidz and youth in school holidays.

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(purple gym behind konsum parking lot)
for information on which coaches give the class: hover over the class. for more information about the class: klick on it.

Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag
3.30-4.30 Muay Thai & Self-Assertion Kidz 3.30-4.30 Muay Thai & Self-Assertion Kidz 3.30-4.45 Muay Thai & Self-Assertion Kidz / Youth 3.30-4.45 Muay Thai & Self-Assertion Kidz / Youth
4.45-6.45 Self-Assertion Youth (14-18 years) 4.45-6.00 Muay Thai Youth 4.45-6.00 Muay Thai Youth 5.00-6.15 Muay Thai Youth

6-9 years

9-12 years

12-17 years

If you are interested, write an email to mint ätt
No classes on official holidays (3.10., 31.10.; 16.11.). No classes from Dec., 22nd 2022 – January 4th, 2023.



Muay Thai and Self Defence

In accordance with the different age groups we will be mainly focusing on Muay Thai techniques or learn to set our own boundaries and get to know our own strength in a playful way.

We all…
…learn the basic Muay Thai techniques (kicks, punches, stance) …practice Self Defence in body and voice
…train our reaction and coordination skills
…get to know our strengths, weaknesses and limitations
…work off some energy!
All this we do TOGETHER and not against each other. Respect is extremely important to us.

Please bring gym clothes and a bottle of water. You will not need any trainers.

New in May 2022

Self-assertion & self-defense training at Sidekick Leipzig e.V.
for MINT* from 12-18 years
[MINT* [german] stands for girls, inter*, non-binary and trans* children and youth]

Are you familiar with this?
Annoying looks, stupid remarks, “well-meant compliments”, inappropriate touches and much more.
Don’t want to get dragged down by it anymore?
Join our 6-week long self-assertion and self-defense course.

Learn to…
… trust your gut instead of doubting it.
… set limits instead of enduring situations.
… say no and to react to stupid remarks instead of going home dejected.
… how to connect with others who are experiencing similar things.

In the course there will be space for…
… exchange about experienced discrimination.
… mutual support.
… fun and movement.

Everything is possible, but nothing is necessary!
Already during the course you learn to respect your own limits and to articulate your needs. You decide how much you want to share, which exercise you want to participate in, what is too much for you and when it is time for a break.
How? The course includes exercises in groups, in pairs and alone.
What? Conversations, role plays, body work (e.g. perception exercises), liberation techniques, movement and much more.

The course will take place from 12.5.-23.6.22 (six times) always on thursdays from 5-6.30pm at Sidekick.
Places: 15 participants
Registration via mail to: mint @


During the holidays, we will be offering self-assertion workshops for members
and externals on a regular basis. If you have a group and are interested in a
workshop for kids & youth, feel free to write an eMail to: mint(at)sidekick-

Workshop topics may include:
Muay Thai basics
– stance, posture & breathing
– dry run exercises
– loose punches & kicks with pads / boxing gloves
– working out on the punchbag
– conditioning & strength exercises
– reaction training

– self-awareness
– voice training
– bodylanguage / posture
– perceiving & defending boundaries
– playful simulation of everyday situations
– development of coping-strategies
– basics of self-defense
– strength games & playfighting

– movement games
– discovering your own strength
– awareness exercises
– reaction exercises
– playfighting
– perceiving your own boundaries & the boundaries of others