I have been training in Muay Thai since 2011. I started at Lowkick Berlin, with Gisa Schraml and Ruth Waldeyer. The gym soon became my second home, and that hasn’t changed since. I just love the art of movement in Muay Thai and the feeling of learning something new every time you train, setting free loads of energy- that’s the feeling I want to pass on.

I started working as a coach at Lowkick and in other (self-organised) gyms and contexts in 2013. Since 2014 I’ve been part of the team that organizes the annual feminist Muay Thai bootcamp for FLTI* at Burg Lutter. In 2016, CaRo. and I founded Sidekick Leipzig. In 2016, I trained at the Pettonpung Gym in Thailand and at the Sit Je Mam Gym / Thailand in 2019.

I find it very important to help create feminist safe spaces in which people can train in the Martial Arts in an atmosphere of solidarity.

Coaching licences: Class C trainer license “Health and Fitness” and “Sport for Senior Citizens”; “Preventive Spinal Gymnastics” (class B licence), certificate: “Posture and Movement through Complete Body Training”


I have always loved sports and have tried out all kinds of things in the past.

From 2010-2014 I regularly trained in Muay Thai at Lowkick e.V. in Berlin, as well as occasionally training at Rapace Berlin and in the Santai Gym in Thailand. I was part of the team that founded the Feminist Thai-Kickboxing Camp for Women, Lesbians, Trans* and Inter* in 2011 and helped organisze it thru 2016. I was a coach for Muay Thai, Conditioning and Girls’ Training at Lowkick from 2012-2017. In 2019 I trained at the Sit Je Mam, Santai and Manop Gyms in Thailand for a month.

In the first years I was in training a lot myself, which then gave way to coaching more than training since around 2014— I love both.

Coaching licences: Class C trainer licences “Training Kids and Young Adults” and “Health and Fitness”, Class B trainer licence “Preventive Spinal Gymnastics”, certificates for “Posture and Movement through Complete Body Training”, “Pilates” and “official BLACKROLL© trainer”

I am agender and do not use a pronoun like “she/her” or “he/his”. Please refer to me by gender neutral pronouns or use any one or both of my names (“Ro./Caro.”) instead.


For a long time, sports were just something you had to do at school to me. Something stamped under the pressure of performance, people comparing their bodies in the changing rooms, role models, all that.

This impression changed completely when I discovered Lowkick Berlin and their way of training in a relaxed & more mindful atmosphere in a feminist environment in 2010. Since then, Muay Thai has become a fixed point in my life, regularly pushing my body and mind to its limits and beyond, spawning a level of concentration hardly ever surpassed. In 2013 I started Boxing training in addition to Muay Thai. In 2013/14 I gained my first experiences as a Girls’ trainer at “Mädchenzentrum Wilde Hütte” and at the Alfred-Nobel-school.

I have been training in Leipzig since 2014 now.

I’m happy to be part of a club whose pronounced goal it is to empower people, not giving a sh* about body ideals and undriven by competetiveness.


I started Kickboxing at Seitenwechsel Berlin e.V. in 2012. After I moved away from Berlin I found it difficult to find a club I wanted to train at; The town I had moved to only had mixed clubs, and I always found myself to be the only woman in a testosterony and sexist environment. So when I moved to Leipzig and found Sidekick I was really happy to have found my club and changed from Kickboxing to Muay Thai, which I much prefer now.

I also train in Modern Dance (since 2002) and -when I have time- love to go surfing.

I want our trainings to give people more self-confidence and inner (and outer :)) strength for their everyday lives. I’m really glad Sidekick exists, creating a safe space where all kinds of different people can train together in a happy and relaxed atmosphere, where things like what you look like or what gender you identity with just don’t play a part at all. Yay!

Coaching licensees: Class C trainer license “Health and Fitness” , trainer license “Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Jacobsen)”, Voice & Body Language coach since 2010


I wasn’t really that interested in Muay Thai at the beginning, I was just looking for an alternative to jogging around Berlin and its gray pavements. So it came that I went to conditioning classes at Lowkick. In the end – and with Imke prodding me in the right direction- it got me. I’ve been learning Muay Thai since 2014 and started as a substitute coach at Sidekick in 2016.

To me a welcoming and very personal atmosphere is important, so that everybody can be just what they are right now.


I’ve always liked keeping on my toes, getting a good workout, staying in motion… but I’ve never been competitive when it comes to sports.

The first time I went to Conditioning class at Lowkick in Berlin I was hooked. 90 minutes of pure fun, just working out hard, no concentrating on techniques- powering up to power down. For years I got my weekly workout there without really training Muay Thai. Nowadays I train at Sidekick e.V. in Leipzig and am a substitute coach for Imke and Caro. in the Conditioning classes. I hope to be able to share my idea of the fun and enjoyment movement can bring in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.


When I was a child I was regularly sent to let out my anger on a punching bag. As time went by I got so used to the Martial Arts as an outlet that most other sports lost their interest for me. I did Ju Jutsu for years and years, started to train my own kids’ group and started teaching self defense, especially for teens (which I still do).

It wasn’t until I moved to Leipzig that I started Muay Thai, training at “8 Weapons” for some years – but without really developing ambitions for it. When I changed to “Sidekick” last year that changed completely. Albeit getting a good workout is still my main ambition I now recognize the sport to be a very positive challenge and the club itself is a great place to experience a unified sense of togetherness.

In August 2018 I started as a substitute coach in the conditioning classes on an irregular basis.