Please always bring…
…a towel and a bottle of water to all classes. You can borrow gloves from the gym to start with, but if you intend to stay on we would ask you to buy your own equipment.

Muay Thai Boxing

All levels. Free trial anytime
This class focuses on the principal defense and offense boxing techniques and boxing counters. Interval and circuit training, partner exercises, weights and bag/padwork as well as shadow boxing and supervised light sparring will improve your reflexes, your speed, strength, stamina and flexibility of arms and legs alike.

The class is for beginners to intermediate level trainees and explicitly addresses people who mainly practise Muay Thai and would like to improve their boxing technique.

Muay Thai- / Kickboxing Fitness and Conditioning

All levels
The concept of our Fitness and Conditioning class was developed by Claudia Fingerhut of Lowkick Berlin e.V. It combines classic fitness training with Thai – and Kickboxing elements.

The session is divided into two parts. The first 45 minutes consist of a warm-up, strengthening exercises and stretching, lots of kicking, jumping and boxing. You are free to leave after the first half.

The second half is a made up as a Muay Thai-/Kickboxing circuit. The circuit consists of various punching and kicking stations (pad drills) as well as strengthening exercises. The intensity with which you complete the circuit is your own responsibility. You can go low or go barking mad.

Conditioning classes are great preparation for technical classes as we build up the muscles we need to protect the body from injuries. And we also boost our condition, coordination, reflexes and speed/reaction time. If you’re mainly interested in getting fit and you’re looking for an interesting workout, you’re spot on here too. No matter if you train regularly or if you’re a beginner and want to find out if Muay Thai is your thing or not: Everyone is welcome

Muay Thai Technical Class

Level: Beginners
Free trial every 1st Tuesday / 1st Friday of the month
There’s always something new to learn in Thai Boxing! It’s an incredibly versatile sport – there are always new aspects of it and ways of approach to it to be discovered. Punches, kicks, knees and elbows, varying your distances to your partner / opponent, speed and action – reaction are only some of the aspects of Muay Thai.

Everyone has to start by learning the basics – and that’s what our “Muay Thai Technical Class / Beginners” is for. Here you will learn… well: The basics! How to move in Thaiboxing, how to stand right (your “stance”), how to do the various arm- und leg techniques and most importantly: How to defend yourself against them.

You should allow some time for this- Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t learn Muay Thai in one either.
The training is also open to more general level / intermediate fighters or trainees, it’s always a good idea to “go back to the basics”.

This is a fun class, it teaches you faster reaction, coordination, stamina, power and it also gives your self-confidence a boost. We train barefoot and if necessary wearing protective guards (mouth, shin, knee, elbow, headguards and gloves, that is). For the beginning you can borrow some equipment, but it makes sense to buy your own if you intend to stay on.

Muay Thai Technical Class Intermediate (Tuesday)

Level: General / Intermediate
This class is open to all women, inter and trans who have previously trained regularly in the Beginner’s Technical Classes. You should be confident in all the basic offensive & defensive techniques and know how to work with pads.

The course is about the basics of Thaiboxing: Jumping rope to warm up, shadow boxing and practising the movements. After that there is a technical part where we train with punching / heavy bags as well as with pad-and-partner.

The aim is to improve your technique as well as to get you a good workout. It is complemented by power and stretching exercises.


Level: Intermediate
Knowledge of basic Muay Thai techniques is required to join this class
This is a mixed conditioning and technical class. An intense warm-up is followed by combos, using Thai kick pads and focus mitts. The aim is to not only get in a good workout, but also perfect your technique and learn how to hold pads correctly. The class ends with strenthening exercises and stretching.

Muay Thai Technical Class Advanced

Level: Advanced
Please do not attend this class of your own accord. Minimum previous training recquired is 1-2 years as well as a coach’s recommendation. Please ask a coach if you can attend or wait until a coach refers you to this class of their own accord.

This class is for people who know how to block and defend themselves against kicks and blows and are confident in offensive techniques. Please bring your own protective guard, hand wraps and gum shield.

After the warm-up (for which we often use weights, ropes etc.), we loosen up and stretch, and then do some power training and shadow boxing. The main part of the course is dedicated to attacking, blocking and countering exercises, exercises with a partner, training with bags and pad work. Combinations, getting to know the different fighting distances, rhythm, basic tactics for sparring as well as light sparring itself and conditioning units are also part of this class.

We place great emphasis on the fact that everyone can train according to their own abilities, albeit it’s an advanced level course. This means you can also take part if your body is temporarily or otherwise impaired, you happen not to be concentrated enough today or you just want to take part very low-level. Of course you can also workout hard! It is very important to us that we pay attention to how our training partners are feeling, but also that everyone gets their do.

Thaiboxing / Parcour Conditioning Class

All levels. Free trial possible anytime
This Conditioning class combines Thaiboxing with crossover fitness elements often seen in Martial Arts films: Jumping, rolling, falling, running, jumping over obstacles, and -of course- lots of Thai Boxing.

The first part of the class is an intense warm-up, followed by strengthening exercises which lead up to technical practise of the above mentioned techniques.

After some stretching we follow a Parcour set up across the gym, with lots of Muay Thai Boxing and Kicking exercises, running, jumping, falling, rolling…
…and ends with some Thai Massage or stretching (alone or with a partner).

This conditioning class gets you a good workout and a is fun way of using Muay Thai in more unusual ways.

Back and Core Training

All levels. Free trial possible anytime
The Back and Core / Fitness Training is a fitness class which you can attend as a single class just to keep in form, or as an additional class to supplement your other classes at Sidekick. It is designed for people without or with only very slight back problems.

The class is made up of power, balance and coordination exercises combined with body perception elements as well as stretching and relaxation units. We will be strengthening the core (front and back), the strength of which is essential to avoid or get rid of bad posture and backaches. We will be working on your balance to strengthen the deep muscle tissue that holds up the spine and joints and keeps your intervertebral discs in place.

To conclude the class there will be light massages (your own body or a partner’s) with Thai massage elements. This is to enhance a positive feeling towards your body, relax your muscles and take a break from your everyday routine.

Muay Thai Technical Class Intermediate (Friday)

Level: Intermediate
Trainees are expected to know all basic Muay Thai techniques
This class is for confident beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees. You are welcome to take this class if you can exercise and handle all the basic kicks and punches.

The training session is committed to giving an overview of what Muay Thai can be. We will mainly be practising defense strategies and techniques: Parrying, countering, answering an attack, ducking punches, moving out. Fight tactics and distance techniques are also part of the course. The nuances of hard and soft punches and kicks are also a dominant theme, allowing us to integrate soft sparring into the training sessions. Previous sparring experience is not imperative.