Please always bring…
…a towel and a bottle of water to all classes. You can borrow gloves from the gym to start with, but if you intend to stay on we would ask you to buy your own equipment.

Muay Thai Boxing

All levels. Free trial anytime
This class focuses on the principal defense and offense boxing techniques and boxing counters. Interval and circuit training, partner exercises, weights and bag/padwork as well as shadow boxing and supervised light sparring will improve your reflexes, your speed, strength, stamina and flexibility of arms and legs alike.

The class is for beginners to intermediate level trainees and explicitly addresses people who mainly practise Muay Thai and would like to improve their boxing technique.

Muay Thai- / Kickboxing Fitness and Conditioning

All levels
The concept of our Fitness and Conditioning class was developed by Claudia Fingerhut of Lowkick Berlin e.V. It combines classic fitness training with Thai – and Kickboxing elements.
The first 45 minutes consist of a warm-up, strengthening exercises and stretching. You are free to leave after the first half. The second half is a made up as a conditioning circuit with lots of boxing and kicking stations.
Conditioning classes are great preparation for technical classes as we build up the muscles we need to protect the body from injuries. And we also boost our condition, coordination, reflexes and speed/reaction time. If you’re mainly interested in getting fit and you’re looking for an interesting workout, you’re spot on here too.

Muay Thai Technical Class

Level: Beginners
Free trial every 1st Tuesday / 1st Thursday of the month
There’s always something new to learn in Thai Boxing! It’s an incredibly versatile sport – and the devil is in the detail. Punches, kicks, knees and elbows, varying your distances to your partner / opponent, speed and action – reaction are only some of the aspects of Muay Thai.
Our “Muay Thai Technical Class / Beginners” is about the basics. How to move in Thaiboxing, how to stand right (your “stance”), how to punch & kick and how to defend yourself against thoses punches & kicks. This will take some time- Muay Thai is not a sport you can master in a few days.
We train barefooted and mainly wearing guards (mouth, shin, etc.) At the beginning you will be ok without own equipment, but if you are planning to stay on buying your own does make sense.

Muay Thai Technical Class Intermediate

Level: General / Intermediate
Requirements: Basic techniques in Muay Thai

For this class you should be confident in all the basic offensive & defensive techniques and know how to hold pads. Open to intermediate and advanced trainees.
The course is about the basics of Thaiboxing and about improving your technique. It is about working various distances, footwork and tactics. We will be practising combos with a partner or with pads, clinching and sparring.
Previous sparring experience is not required.


Level: Intermediate
Knowledge of basic Muay Thai techniques is required to join this class
This is a mixed conditioning and technical class. An intense warm-up is followed by combos, using Thai kick pads and focus mitts. The aim is to not only get in a good workout, but also perfect your technique and learn how to hold pads correctly. The class ends with strenthening exercises and stretching.

Muay Thai Technical Class Advanced

Level: Advanced
Please do not attend this class of your own accord. Minimum previous training recquired is 1-2 years as well as a coach’s recommendation. Please ask a coach if you can attend or wait until a coach refers you to this class of their own accord.

This class is for people who know how to defend themselves against punches and kicks and are confident in offensive techniques. Please bring your own protective guard, hand wraps and gum shield.
The aim of the course is to improve your technique and tactics. Instructed sparring is part of every session. Albeit it is an advanced class we place great emphasis on the fact that everyone can train according to their own abilities.
Of course you can go barking mad if you like but it is also ok to train in a more relaxed way. It is paramount to us that we all look after each other – but also that everyone gets their do.

Back and Core Training

All levels. Free trial possible anytime
Back & Core Training is a fitness class. It is designed for people without or with only very slight back problems.
The class is made up of power, balance and coordination exercises combined with body perception elements as well as stretching and relaxation units. We will be focusing on strengthening the core muscles (front and back) and the supporting (deep) muscles, as well as on relaxation.
You can attend this course as a single class (without membership) and is refundable by your German NHS (course name: “Haltung und Bewegung durch Ganzkörpertraining”). Please check our homepage for the dates when the next course is due to start.

Combat Systema

Systema is a traditional form of Martial Arts originated in Russia. The ability to improvise as well as keeping your movements flowing continually are the key points. Combat Systema is a system of self-defense based on traditional Systema, developed by Kevin Secours based on scientific insights. In Combat Systema there are classic kicks and punches, including self-defense on the ground and training with weapons, but it also involves central points of conflict psychology and strategies to avoid violent conflict. The training is based on learning the fundamentals of the biomechanical structures and movements of the human body. Our training offers a safe space where confidence and composure can be learned and experienced- vital qualities needed when finding yourself in dangerous situations.


Requirements: None. Free trial possible anytime.
Yoga is a combination of physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and basic meditation (conscious focusing of attention).
The physical exercises are meant to improve the stability as well as the flexibility of the body and to induce a sense of lightness and effortlessness.
These can be flowing, powerful successions of Asanas, but also ones (positions) that are to be held for a longer period of time, thus strenthening the deep core muscles and at the same time increasing flexibility by using our own strength and power. Not only is the respiratory capacity enlarged by the conscious and mindful way of breathing, but it also is a great stress relief and can help us become clearer and more calm. Next to the exact body positioning and inner muscle activities there is room to experience sensations and gain consciousness for your body. Letting go and relaxing is also a part of Yoga, resulting in an inner and outer balance.

Padwork and Muscle Toning

This training is open to people training at intermediate level and in good physical shape. This is an important requirement as we will be working with Thai pads, so a good grasp of all the basic techniques is essential. The first part is to burn off energy. The strengthening part (lovingly -and ironically- nicknamed “pain” (Anm.: je nach Wahl des Titels angleichen) requires you to be in good physical shape. The exercises needed to be carried out correctly as we will in part be training with heavy weights.

Open Gym

Open Gym means: The gym is open to all who want to train on their own or with a partner. Minimum requirement level is intermediate as you need to know all the basic techniques to be able to train without a coach. Coaches will also be training at the Open Gym but this will be a time when they will be training themselves and will not be available to explain techniques. You can do shadow boxing, use pads with a partner or do technical exercises. Feel free to use the heavy bags or sparr with a partner.

Muay Thai for Girls*, young Inter-, Trans- and Non-Binary (ages 12-17)

This course is about Muay Thai. “Muay Thai” is Thai for Thai boxing. In Thai boxing we’ll learn how to box, kick and knee. We will be training our sense of balance, coordinative skills, speed, power and stamina.
The course is challenging and sometimes strenuous, but it’s all about the fun!

Empowerment and Thai Boxing for Girls* (ages 9-12 and ages 6-9)

Our girls’* training is about…
…having fun exercising
…finding out what your strengths and weaknesses are …learning how to defend yourself
…being allowed to be loud
…testing your own limits (and those of others!) …showing how strong you are

These three things are important to us:
Fun & Games
We want all girls* to have fun and to enjoy exercising. So there will be lots of fun & games. And we don’t want to play against each other but to-gether!

Technique and Sports
We will teach you the basics of Thai Boxing, which will enhance your flexibility and allow you to use your strength and power. We will be boxing and kicking punching bags, jumping rope, toning muscles and stretching. You will really get your fix! All exercises with a partner will be in light contact, i.e. only kicking or boxing very lightly, so noone will get hurt.

Defense and Empowerment
We want all girls* to know their strength, believe in themselves and go through life with their heads held high! Sadly, girls* are often victims of assault. In the trainings we will therefore provide opportunities to talk about anger, fear, conflict and violence. Together we will learn to deal with these feelings and to defend ourselves. You will learn what your individual strengths and skills are and how to develop the defensive strategies that are best for you.
*The course is open to all people who identify as girls