See here for information on accessibility.


We are sorry to say our gym is not accessible in a wheelchair. There are 4 steps to climb, and no ramp.


We do not tolerate people with racist or fascist ideology in our gym.
Cis° men are not allowed to take part in any of the classes and are not admitted entrance during training sessions either.
The term “cis” (“this side”) characterises people who live a gender identity that matches the sex they were assigned at birth.


We have regular fees. If you are not able to pay the full amount please address us for a reduction. You do not have to disclose your reasons, we trust in your truthfulness and believe in the principles of solidarity. Trainees with refugee status may attend all classes for a total of 5 Euros per month.


The course language is German. If you are having trouble understanding we will be happy to translate the most important parts into English. We ask all trainees (if possible) to help translate (as quietly as possible). Please address us if you are having difficulty understanding.

Changing rooms

We have one large changing room for all. There are two toilets. The nearest facilities accessible for people with impairments are in the “Stelzenhaus” restaurant, approx. 350m away.


Please let us know beforehand and in good time if you are in need of childcare during a training session.

Safe space

We aim to offer a safe space in which people treat each other with respect, care and awareness and everybody can relax. It is the joined responsibility of all trainees to make this work… in a combined effort we can make this happen!

If you encounter discrimination of any kind at Sidekick, please talk to your fellow members or coaches, or entrust another person with the task of doing so for you. Together, we are sure to find a solution. Please bear in mind that we are all very different people and have all had different experiences in life. Some of us may have experience in dealing with all kinds of different challenging situations, whilst others may not have had as much experience with diversity and how to handle negative encounters as you have. Live in solidarity with each other!

Where to find us & How to get here

Our gym is located in the Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Strasse 87, 04229 Leipzig-Lindenau. Entrance via the big glass hall at Karl-Heine-Strasse.
Tram stop: Tram No. 14, Karl-Heine-Strasse/Merseburger Strasse.
There is no parking available.

Emergency exits

In the unlikely event of a panic the gym is easily exited.


Smoking is not permitted in the gym.

Information for the visually or audibly impaired

We regret having to say that there are no special facilities, guidance systems or induction loops available.