costs & pricing

Regular membership fee

Regular membership fee is 40 Euros/month. Discounts are possible- just talk to us. People with refugee status train for free. Minors pay 20 Euros/month.

Trial class

One trial class is free.


Guests pay 8-10 Euros per training session. You can be a guest for a maximum of two months. If you would like to train for a whole week as a guest, you pay 20 Euros (cash). You may then take part in as many classes as you like. Training as a guest for a whole month is 50 Euros (cash).Please pay the fee and enter your name in the list before training.

Price policy

The monthly membership fees are the main income for Sidekick and have to cover the coaches’ fees, gym studio rental, pads/bags/weights etc., insurance, office supplies, first-aid kits, training for the trainers etc. All this is essential for us to ensure the high quality of our classes, equip the gym with gloves and jump ropes etc. and run the club.

So if you can, please pay the 40 Euros monthly fee. If you are not be able to pay the full fee this should not, however, prevent you from taking part in our classes. Fill out the membership form all the same, stating how much you can pay, and let us know. You do not have to disclose the reasons for the discount requested, we trust in your truthfulness. We believe in the principles of solidarity.

Twice a year (on June 30th and December 31st) the discounted fees will be reset to the full price for your membership. So if you require a renewed discount, please let us know a month before the reset dates (i.e. 30th November/31st May) by the latest.

Dormant membership

If you are be unable to train for a minimum period of two months in a row, you are eligible for dormant membership if you let us know beforehand. The monthly fee will then be reduced to 4 Euros. Valid reasons are: Pregnancy, illness, prolonged stay away from Leipzig.

Joining fee

The joining fee is 40 Euros, which will be deducted via debit on joining, additionally to your first monthly fee. If you decide to cancel your membership in time with the above stated dates we will reduce your last months’ payment by your joining fee. In doing this we will be assuming that you are paying the full membership fee.

Payment by direct debit

The monthly fees are deducted in advance and will be collected by direct debit. Return debits due to insufficient funds result in bank charges for us, which is why we will collect the fees once again two weeks later, adding a charge of 10 Euros to the cost.

Cash payment

We accept cash only in exceptional cases. Fees will only be accepted in advance of at least three months.


You can resign from the club by formal letter to the club’s postal address or via e- mail. The withdrawal from your membership can be made as per June 30th or December 31st at two month’s notice. So please let us know in writing by 30th April/30th October at the latest. If you do not, your joining fee can not or only partly by refunded.