Who we are and what we do

The Martial Arts are a male preserve: It is almost always men you will see training, even in so- called “mixed” gyms. And almost always male coaches, too. Hardly ever will you come across women, trans* or intersex people – be it as coaches or as trainees- in Martial Arts gyms.

We would like to counterpart this phenomenon by providing a space in which all people who identify as women, lesbians, girls, intersex, trans* or non-binary are welcome to train together in a relaxed atmosphere where nobody has to prove anything to anyone. Our goal is to support you in achieving your goals – your own ones, mind!- as best we can, no matter where you come from or where you stand -physically, or otherwise. We will teach you Muay Thai! And by doing that, boost your reaction and coordination skills. And you don’t have to be an athletic to join!

We place special emphasis on the enjoyment of the sport, the art of movement in itself, the get- together –and of course the fun of it all! We strongly believe that sports are not only able to give you more energy for your everyday life, but also help boost your self-confidence – which is why we want to create a space for empowerment, self assertion and self-confidence.

All our classes address women – likewise transwomen and ciswomen. Classes are open to all transgender, to people who don’t identify with any gender, and intersex people.

Cis men are generally not accepted in any of the classes.

Word definitions

Cis: The term “cis” means “this side” and characterises people who live a gender identity that matches the sex they have at birth, i.e. a person who was assigned the sex “female” at birth and identifies with the female gender, is a cis-woman.

Trans*people: Trans*people are people whose assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender. Transwomen are women who were assigned the sex “male” at birth. Transmen are men who were assigned with the sex “female” at birth. Some people whose identity does not conforn unambiguously to conventional male or female gender roles / non-binary also use the term “trans”.

Intersex people: Intersex people are people whose sex characteristics do not fit the typical definitions for “male” or “female” bodies. “Inter” is short for “intersexual”.

Non-binary: People who can not or do not want to identify with one of the two socially defined genders (man / woman). People who feel they have several gender or stand outside the binary definition also use this term.