Sidekick Leipzig e.V.

Sidekick is a sports club for Thai boxing, self-assertion and yoga. We enjoy movement, sense of togetherness and practicing martial arts. The training sessions aim to improve flexibility, reaction, coordination and strength. What distinguishes this club from other martial arts clubs is: the offer is aimed at girls, women, lesbians, inter-, trans*-, non-binary and agender people (WLINTA*).

The field of martial arts is mainly dominated by cis-men: even in “mixed”trainings – which are actually open to everyone – those who train and coach are predominantly cis-men. Women, trans*, inter-, non-binary and agender trainers or trainees are hardly visible, if at all. Our entire team consists of WLINTA*-people only. Our aim is the empowerment of all participants, supporting them in reaching their own goals. Doing that, we try to take into account individual requirements. Both working out hard and training in a more relaxed way is possible. You don’t need to be sporty to join us!

Cis: The term “cis” means “this side” and characterizes people who live a gender identity that matches the sex they have at birth, i.e. a person who was assigned the sex “female” at birth and identifies with the female gender, is a cis-woman.

Trans*people: Trans*people are people whose assigned sex at birth conflicts with their psychological gender. Transwomen are women who were assigned the sex “male” at birth. Transmen are men who were assigned with the sex “female” at birth. Some people whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional male or female gender roles / non-binary also use the term “trans”.

Intersex people: Intersex people are people whose sex characteristics do not fit the typical definitions for “male” or “female” bodies. “Inter” is short for “intersexual”.

Non-binary: People who can not or do not want to identify with one of the two socially defined genders (man / woman). People who feel they have several gender or stand outside the binary definition also use this term.

Agender: Agender persons do not identify with any given gender. Some also don’t identify with any gender outside the binary gender system. Some Agender people also understand themselves as non-binary, but not everyone. Some understand themselves as trans*, as their gender doesn’t match with the (binary) one assigned at birth.