[Registrations are closed in the moment]

Registration for new participants is closed in the moment – for adults, kids & teens.

Trial Classes – exceptions: In the moment, only people who belong to one of the following groups can participate → BIPOCs (Black People, Indigenous People und People of Color), Transpeople, Interpeople, Non-Binary People, Agender People, WLINTA* with refugee status und WLINTA*, who might experience bodyshaming (for example fatshaming) in other gyms. Also advanced WLINTA* can start right away with the training. Just write us an email and tell us that you belong to one of the mentioned groups above – you don‘t have to tell us to which group you belong to, except when you want to join the advanced classes.

Waiting list: We will put everyone who does not belong to one of the groups above onto the waiting list and get back to you as soon as we can invite you for a trial class.

Classes for kids and teens: We put you on the waiting list and get back to you as soon as possible. Classes start again when school begins which will be 6th September.